Tiny Tweaks Workshop Schedule

Tiny Tweaks is mostly a “choose your own adventure” style workshop, meaning you’ll be working on the spaces in your home that need it the most, with just some tips and encouragement from me (and your fellow students) along the way.

The only weeks that are specifically guided are the first two weeks of the workshop – because this is where we dig in and do the hard work of finding your style, learning the Tiny Tweaks Method, and making a plan for how to move forward in your home. I promise that if you put in the time in those first two weeks, you’ll find the rest of the workshop much easier!

Here’s a quick overview of how the workshop will work.

The Overview

In WEEK ONE, we’ll dig into the “Finding Your Style” module. This is where you’ll do some serious thinking, planning, and soul-searching to find out what styles you really love, what you want your home to look like, and how to make a plan for your home.

By the end of Week 1, you’ll have a full mood board and color scheme planned out for your home, along with tons of inspiration and a clear picture of what your style is and what you like. This is the most exciting week, and the one many of my previous students have said was the most valuable to them.

Then, we’ll move into WEEK TWO, where we’ll learn all about the Tiny Tweaks Method. This module is going to teach you how to take that beautiful mood board you’ve created and translate it into actual steps and a to do list for your home.

You’ll choose a room or space that you want to work on first and you’ll dive deep into analyzing what you want for the space and how to take it a few steps closer to your design plan. Then you’ll create a to do list for the room and get started!

From there, you can choose which modules you want to go through and in which order! The rest of the workshop is organized by space or concept, and as you begin working in a room you can dig into the materials for that specific space.

If you get stuck or want some extra tips and ideas at any time, head to the “Quick Wins” module, where you’ll find mini lessons on everything from choosing art to styling a shelf. It’s a great way to stretch your creativity and learn some new things, and if you ever feel like you aren’t sure what to do next, just pick a lesson from that module and try it out!

One final note: Just because the content in a module is labeled as being for a specific space, that doesn’t mean it won’t apply to other spaces. You’ll learn things in the Living Room module, for example, that you can apply to every other space in your home! So, I do recommend reading through all of the modules at some point, even if you haven’t begun work on those specific spaces yet.

And now, my friends, you’re ready to go forth and begin work! Can’t wait to get to know you in the Facebook group and see the progress you make in your home!