We’ll take a systematic approach to making changes in your home that will ensure you see progress. 

Tired of spinning your wheels with your home? Let’s do it together. 


Let’s create a community of friends who will cheer you on, give honest advice, and help keep you accountable as you work on your home.

Did we just become best friends? YUP! 


Do you ever feel like maybe your home isn’t done because you just can’t do it? Well, I’m here to tell you that’s wrong.

Anyone can create the home of their dreams. You just have to start. 

Available Workshops & Courses

Here’s a rundown of the workshops, courses, and ebooks we currently offer! Click on each link to learn more about that specific product or workshop. 

Tiny Tweaks

An 8-week workshop designed to help you make small updates in your home that will add up to a huge impact! 

30 Days to a Tidy{er} Home

Need to declutter and organize your home? This systematic approach can make a huge difference in your home! 

Power Tools for Beginners

Coming soon!

This workshop will launch in the fall 2021! Stay tuned for more info.

About US

What is L&R Collective?

L&R Collective is a community-based collection of workshops, courses, and more where you join together with a group of your new BFFs to make your house a home. Feel overwhelmed by all of the blank space in your house? Need some serious organization help but don’t know where to start? Dying to use power tools but feeling a little scared?

L&R Collective is for you. 

Join us as we work through a systematic approach to everything from decorating to organization to woodworking to help you craft a home you love